What the press is saying about Grasshopper:

"A free trip to Hurricane Ridge"
--The Rocket, Seattle, WA
"Fully alive and aware."
--The New Times, Seattle, WA
"Without utilizing the supporting energy of electric instruments, Grasshopper manages to convey a charged sound heavy in feeling (as well as meaning). You can clearly hear the musicians' hearts within the harmonies and strings."
--Marisa Lencioni, The Seattle Times, WA
"Grasshopper defines the leading edge of the acoustic revolution in Seattle."
--Don Glenn, The Seattle Peace Concerts, WA
"This CD [Grasshopper] is perfect for our High Plains Morning…Great music!"
--Alan Musick, KANZ/KNZA-FM, KS
"Flies high with upbeat notes"
--Kim Weiss, Oregon Daily Emerald, University of Oregon
"Evan Hazen Kimble's Wind Comes Down is one of the best acoustic folk music albums of 1994. Itis much more than just a collection of great, well-crafted and well performed songs. It is also a great, well-crafted and well produced album, consistently strong from beginning to end, which bears many repeated listenings and enjoyments. Highly recommended!"
--Kobi Lucas, Host. KLCC-FM, Eugene, OR
Evan has "a great voice, he is an excellent guitarist, and a talented songwriter."
--Dan Levitin, record producer, NY
"Lael, your voice melts me."
--Dreux Bassoul, producer, Angel's Bleed

"I dig the shadowy beatnik atmosphere"
--Jim Santo, The Demorandum, Alternative Press, OH