The Audio Archive

At long last, a couple of new songs make it to the Audio Archive. To listen to the songs (via Real Audio), click below. If you need to download the free player, click link at bottom of page.

Long Lush Night was recorded at The Highliner Tavern in Seattle on 1-9-99, and originally appeared on Grasshopper's debut cd in 1997. From a typical night at the Highliner, with their regular cast of characters, god love 'em.

A New Day Yesterday was recorded in rehearsal on 5-10-99. This Jethro Tull song was one of the few covers the band has performed.



Brian Couch: bass, vocals
Ted Ford: acoustic guitar, vocals
Lael Kimble: vocals
Evan Kimble: acoustic guitar, flute, vocals
Thad Taylor: drums

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